the project

The public health emergency resulting from the Covid-19 outbreak, forced us to to rethink of the meaning of mass gatherings and social relationships in a very short time.
Fresh Agency, Live Club and Shining Production, three Italian companies that have been in the industry for more than twenty years, have joined forces to face this hard challenge and to propose something that could really be safe for those who want to include the live entertainment in their lives. We have been asked to evolve. We choose to respond to this in the smartest way: moving along the line of progress, pushing beyond new horizons.
The Bike-in idea was born as a reaction to the possible return of the “Drive-In” movie theaters. The Bike-in gives a new meaning to the drive-in formula: the main key element of the project is the bike. It offers a eco-friendly and more sharable experience.

Bike-In is drive-in bike!

At this time in our history, large events and mass gatherings must be put on standby. It’s mandatory to facilitate new strategies based on limited attendance and new facilities that can guarantee safety, but we don’t want to give up on the power and magic of live events.

Bike-In is a project that aims to enhance those green urban areas that we can consider as the green lung of our cities. It can be set up with seasonal facilities in order to host several events spanning from live music, movies, theatre, sporting events, religious ceremonies to educational meetings. All events that can be scheduled in the afternoon, evening and night.

The Bike-In formula is perfect for those venues that can be easily reached by bike or push scooter or on foot of course. People can meet in a green and fresh environment and every single person can book a personal and completely customizable spot.

The Bike-In experience can be defined in few main points:

- Bike-In is Green: eco-friendly and sustainable

- Bike-In is Safe: it guarantees social distancing

- Bike-In is Smart: It gives the opportunity to enjoy an event in full and living an experience which is completely customized and shared at the same time

- Bike-In is Social:the artist and the audience share a real and highly empathic experience. They are emotionally connected, sharing the need to experience human connections again, to compensate for long time spent self-isolated during the lockdowns.

- Bike-In è Slow: a brand new way to create and enjoy art, culture and creativity. It’s a format that guarantees social distancing and safety, required today. It encourages the use of the bike as an eco-friendly mean: promoting a sustainable tourism and mobility and supporting an increase of bicycle lanes and pedestrian areas, that nowadays are an important topic of interest worldwide. 

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Keep the entertainment industry and human connection alive.


For those people who have always worked in this industry and those who have lost their jobs due to the health and economical crisis.


That’s what we need right now, after the lockdown.

is green

Green urban areas

Are the perfect sets of our stages. People can breathe fresh air, leaving behind the ‘cabin fever’ due to the lockdown. The event and the venue can be reached and enjoyed by bike.

On a bike is better

Why? Because the bike itself allows us to keep the social distancing needed when entering and exiting the event. Is it possible to reach the venue by car? Yes. Although we kindly ask you to leave it in the nearby parking lots and then proceed to the venue on a bike. If you do not have a bike, you’ll be able to get one through a bike sharing service

Bycicle tourism

From driving a car to riding a bike, from tourism to cycle tourism: attending an event becomes an opportunity to visit new places and new cities in a different way. Bike-In can be the way to access sites that are closed because the social distancing can’t be guaranteed. It’s also a new way of gathering and spending time together, being safe.



Check in points

Are placed both at the entrance and at the exit of the venue. Selected toilet facilities that can assure the respect of the current regulations in terms of social distancing, hygiene and sanitation. Obligatory and safe paths.

We want to offer a cashless experience

Thanks to an app you can buy tickets, food, beverage, merchandise and more that will be delivered directly to your spot. Plus, using our app you can choose and even customize your spot

Nominal and digital ticket easy to track

Security staff to control the area and the social distancing

Frequent sanitation of the facilities



To keep people safe and distant according to the current legislation, people who attend a BIKE-IN event can choose their own spot. What is a spot? It’s a small area for a single person, for small groups or families, limited by adjustable and self-supporting barriers. A spot is your personal space that is always safe and customizable, surrounded by passage through corridors, that guarantees people and workers’ safety, but still assuring the opportunity to fully enjoy the show.

- Standing Ticket
- Seats
- Multiple for families
- Other sets

Branding Spot

An opportunity for other companies to have a branded space to promote themselves.


A real experience

A real experience Not just a show. From the sustainable mobility to a digital attendance management: the audience is completely merged into the magic atmosphere made of lights, music, sounds and made of the feelings of being involved in an emotional experience shared with the rest of the attendees.

A smart way to share

A smart way to share And to push both the audience and the artists to enjoy a new way of entertainment: safe, eco-friendly, simple and easy. Which is more focused on enjoying the pleasure of sharing moments again, than on scenographic and spectacular effects.

Accessibility for people with disabilities

Dedicated spots with a great view of the stage and a team always ready to help and support.

vs drive-in



Zero adding emissions compared to a normal event. The audience doesn’t become a source of pollution.

Open Air

Enjoyable while breathing fresh air, but it still keeps the emotions given by a live show and all the features of an event intact.

It's for everyone

If you don’t have a bike, you can rent it from the numerous bike sharing services around the area.

Adaptable for any space

Perfect on green areas, Bike-In doesn’t require big paved areas.



due to the vehicles gas emissions and airconditioning

Not engaging

The audience, made of people that have been on lockdown for a long time, find themselves isolated again, living a lowered form of live experience, closed in a small space like a car.

Impacting on the environment

Drive-in areas have to be able to support countless cars passages and the resulting overuse. It requires a huge effort to set the area and to distance every and each parking spot. A drive-in formula put some limits in choosing the right areas as they all must be paved and huge enough to contain a certain number of cars.